Requirements for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

What are the requirements for Uganda gorilla trekking safaris? What do you need for gorilla trekking in Uganda? Before you set foot into the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to track mountain gorillas in Uganda, first, you need to know which items to pack or carry.

Gorilla trekking is a special outdoor activity and without doubt a life-changing experience worth every penny, time, energies. To engage in gorilla trekking in Uganda you must prepare early and how or what you pack matters a lot. For a successful gorilla safari holiday, here are the important requirements for gorilla trekking in Uganda;

Here are Some of the Requirements for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Valid gorilla permits

Valid gorilla trekking permits are a must-have requirement for any gorilla tour in Uganda to be conducted. Gorilla permits guarantee you access to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park to be allocated to a habituated gorilla group to visit in your group of 8 people.

Each Uganda gorilla trekking permit is issued at relatively low prices- US Dollars 700 (foreign non-residents), US dollars 700 (for foreign residents), and Ugx. 250,000 (East African citizens). Reach out to your trusted local tour operator- Mega Wild Safaris to book your gorilla permit and also to organize your gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

Rain jacket

Tracking to see mountain gorillas isn’t an ordinary footwalk but rather introduces you to the verdant forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and by nature of these parks where these apes live, rains can fall at any time. Not to be taken unaware, a waterproof rain jacket or raincoat/poncho at hand is a good way to go. Get a lightweight rain jacket that can be folded into your daypack/backpack.

Gardening gloves

Gorilla trekking is one outdoor adventure that requires you to actively participate and in the jungles, you trek through the forest, steep slopes, etc. In the process of trekking, you might want to clear a path for yourself or seek support and you will likely touch itchy or thorny plants that might harm this is why outdoor gloves are important.

Waterproof hiking boots

Good and waterproof hiking/trekking boots are essential requirements for gorilla trekking in Uganda. A pair of trekking boots will protect you when navigating through the dump forest floor, steep slopes, etc. Consider lightweight hiking boots that also provide support to your ankle when walking.

Insect repellents

Trekking to see mountain gorillas entirely takes you to the wild and here, several creatures’ live insects inclusive. A pack of insect repellent is for you to protect yourself from biting insects.


Backpack/daypack- waterproof is preferable for all gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda. It is to help carry some essentials such as extra camera batteries, bottled water, snacks, and others. Find a waterproof daypack to protect your equipment from getting wet when it rains while you are in the jungles tracking mountain gorillas.

Long trousers

Trousers are preferable to shorts when it comes to requirements for gorilla trekking in Uganda, unlike the normal game drives. Trousers are good in that you will be required to tuck them into the socks to protect crawling insects from entering.

Flashlight free camera

A good camera is a must-have item for any trip and so it is for gorilla trekking. A safari without photography is never memorable and it can be disappointing when you finally come across a gorilla family and you don’t have a camera. Such moments with mountain gorillas are worth sharing thereafter that is why a good camera shouldn’t miss out on your packing list.

Hand sanitizer, facemasks, Negative PCR Test Certificate

With Covid-19 still at hand, hand sanitizer, and facemasks should be a must-have. Get surgical masks or cloth facemasks with a filter which you should wear when visiting mountain gorillas in the wild. A negative PCR COVID-19 test certificate taken within 72 hours is necessary especially for travelers who haven’t completed vaccination.

Long socks, long-sleeved shirts & pants

The best way to stay protected from biting insects is by ensuring that you have long socks which you will tuck the trousers in, and long-sleeved shirts to cover your hands. Avoid any bright colors when searching for shirts, or pants to wear for gorilla trekking in Uganda, and preferably, get environmentally friendly/blending attire.

Snacks & bottled water

Keep yourself strong/energized with high-energy giving snacks, bottled water, or two to keep you hydrated. To see gorillas is a long trek- unpredictable but often takes from 2-6 hours depending on their location in the day.

First aid kit

Trekking to see mountain gorillas takes you through a different environment from urban life. For any kind of emergency like injuries or muscle strains, a pack of first aid kits is the right solution.

Walking stick

Before you come across gorillas, you go through a trek and a walking stick is essential for support while you try to conquer the steep slopes or muddy hills. You can be given a walk at the lodge or hire one at the park offices/craft shop at the park.