Lake Mburo Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour – History of Lake Mburo National Park

Uganda Wildlife Safaris tour to Lake Mburo National Park makes you adventure the Burchell’s Zebra, Leopards, African Bush Elephants, and many more. Activities done in Lake Mburo park include; game drives, boat cruise, horse riding, quad biking, and many more.

“Whispers of the wild” as it sounds: yet another unique hot spot within the Pearl of Africa. This park welcomes you as you spark off your journey to the rich western province of the country “the Switzerland of the pearl of Africa”. Lake Mburo National Park happens to be the nearest treat from Uganda’s capital in Kampala. Located in Districts of Kiruhura, Mbarara, Isingiro to the South, it is o0ne of the smallest but unique savannah parks within the country. Whispers of the wild as it welcomes you to the rich western province

Outstretching a total land area of 370sqkm, Lake Mburo National Park lies at an altitude range of between 1220-1828m above sea level. A number of outstanding features have been noted about this park; it happens to be a hotspot for selected animal species thriving in largest numbers. These include impalas, Zebras, water bucks, warthogs, oribi, eland, buffalo, giraffe mention them, not forgetting a member of the cat family; the leopard The Park is home to over 350 species of birds. Smallest of the Savannah parks, this protected area has the greatest density of animals denoted most significantly by the numbers of the impala and zebras.

The Vegetation of Lake Mburo National Park

The vegetation type herein is majorly characteristic of woodland Savannah spanning through the park plains and valleys stretching closer towards the lakeside. Proximal to the lakeside are papyrus marshes which increase in density with a closer approach to the lake. Somewhere in between the woodland and papyrus marshes are bits of open savannah and a small dense forest. The lake clearly depicts a pattern of a down-warped lake with an irregular shape. The landscape comprises distinct hills standing differential from one another; with characteristic vegetation of grasses ascending the hill tops. At some points towards the hill, tops are patches of dense mini-forests on a few prominent hills.

Most Common Animals to Encounter While on Uganda Wildlife Safaris tour to Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park

Burchell Zebra in Lake Mburo

Most sighted animals are the impalas due to their high densities within the park. These have been noted moving in large families of approximately ten to fifteen in number. How beautiful it is to sight the multi-colored stripes of the impala that run from the base of their necks towards their hindquarters; brightly colored skin characteristically brown! These tend not to be spotted all alone. Next to them in density and numbers are black and white stripped animals; the zebras. The beautiful stripes of the zebras give the environment a fascinating scene coupled with that of the impala which often grazes nearby.

Roaming about within the woodland and grassland Savannah is also elands, warthogs buffalos which span through the park feeding on the variety of green matter available. There also exists life in the aquatic habitat; the lake. A glare at the lake shows evidence of life forms existing. Large creatures with glittery backs slightly raised above the water surface are spotted moving and roaming about from section to section within the water. The hippopotamus spends its entire day time period resting beneath the water surface. This has been attributed to the nature of its skin as the sun’s heat would cause irritation. However, they often move out in the night to have a share of the green matter around the park during the chilly moment just before the tragic sun heat erupts by dawn. Within the water, they also have prominent neighbors; the crocodiles thriving as well within the lake.

Activities to do in Lake Mburo National Park – Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Lake Mburo National Park

Game Drives in Lake Mburo Park

While at Lake Mburo National Park, one is able to take part in a number of fun-filled activities. Game sightings are at a high probability along the defined routes. Fortunately, almost all sections of the park are accessible thus wildlife sightings are inevitable. Most common sightings are impala, zebras, Giraffes, elands, buffaloes, water-bucks, bush-bucks, warthogs, oribi, hippopotamus and crocodiles within the waters. Besides game drives, one is also able to move in on a guided nature walk on foot along the already existing trails.

This is a great opportunity for those interested in bird watching activities to actively take part in bird sightings and recordings. Boat cruises are also available at the disposal of interested parties. This cruise is on the lake to different points at the interests of clients. One is able to enjoy the cool breeze hovering above the lake. I guess it would seem more fun sipping a cold drink to feel the breeze deep within oneself! Guided forest walks are also available within the park’s mini-forests.

Cultural Encounters in Lake Mburo National Park – Uganda Wildlife Safaris Tour

Bahima is the immediate occupants of the area around Lake Mburo National Park. The community engages in a number of ventures which contribute so much to their livelihoods. Agriculture majorly perennials like bananas are grown in the immediate northern neighborhood of the park. The area is also pronounced for rearing the breed of the long-horned Ankole cattle, indigenous to the area and tribe. Similarly, the Banyankole from the neighboring district of Mbarara has been known to keep this breed of animals. There must definitely be something so special about these long-horned Ankole cattle! There is so much worth knowing about the cultures revolving around the two “NTU” tribes of the Bahima and Banyankole. This is only possible with a visit to the area around Lake Mburo National Park.

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