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Kabaka’s Lake holds a unique legacy of King Mwanga II of Buganda. It is remarkably the most expansive man-made lake in Uganda and its existence makes it an iconic tourist site that tourists on Uganda safari should consider a must-visit. This lake was created between 1885 and 1888 and involved about 52 clans of Buganda.

Its construction was done during the reign of Ssekabaka Mwanga II and his plan was mainly to help him travel by boat to Lake Victoria when in need to swim, fish, connect to another palace in Mulungu just close to Lake Victoria as well as serve as an escape route in case of armed conflict at the time with the British.

The Kabaka’s Lake is within Ndeeba just between Nabunya and Ring road about 5kms drive from Kampala capital city of Uganda. This man-made lake covers an area of about 2sq.km and has a depth of 200feet. Today, it is identified as an essential conservation spot that you need to consider a must-visit on the Uganda safari holiday.

History of Kabaka Lake

History has it that King Danieri Basammula Ekkere Mwanga II was a ruthless leader at the time as he was known for murdering the Uganda Martyrs who refused to obey his orders to denounce their Christian faith. The lake lies at the backdrop of one of King’s royal palaces, St. Lawrence University, Rubaga Miracle Centre.

This man-made lake is rated the largest man-made lake and one of the longest in Africa. It is believed that Kabaka Mwanga loved swimming, fishing, and several sports which meant, each time he needed to engage in any one of them, he had to travel for 11kms from Lubiri Palace to Mengo Palace.

However, he thought of how best he could connect easily and hence created a channel that could connect the Lubiri palace and Lake Victoria to the other palace in Munyonyo. He also actively participated in the digging together with his subjects.

Today, the lake serves not only as an essential historic site with a positive legacy of King Mwanga but also an incredible area where most people come to chill from. It has become an iconic attraction that visitors on Uganda safari or Kampala city tour in Uganda shouldn’t miss to pay a visit.

Today, several of the events organized by Kabaka Ronald Edward Frederick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II are conducted around this lake especially during the Buganda Tourism Expo Week which attracts a number of people to enjoy exciting water sport activities.

Kabaka’s Lake also hosts a variety of bird species which makes it an incredible birding site. The birds to identify in this lake include egrets, glossy ibis, black-headed herons, open billed stork, grey crowned crested cranes, grey herons, yellow-billed stork, marabou stork, pied kingfishers, malachite kingfishers, tree kingfisher, woodland kingfishers, long-tailed cormorants, and many more. It features two tiny islands with lush vegetation, trees that host numerous birdlife.

The possible activities to engage in along the Kabaka’s Lake include bird watching which lets you identify birds such as egrets, yellow-billed stork, marabou stork, pied kingfishers, malachite kingfishers, tree kingfisher, glossy ibis, black-headed herons, open billed stork, grey crowned crested cranes, grey herons, woodland kingfishers, and others.

Canoe riding is also possible along Kabaka’s Lake and it is usually conducted by locals. This lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of this water body and its surrounding areas.

  • Where to stay around Kabaka’s Lake

The nearby hotel facilities around the Kabaka’s Lake include the Royal Lake View Gardens in Rubaga, Jevine Hotel along Nabunya road, Tal Cottages Hotel along the Rubaga-Kabusu route.

  • How to reach Kabaka’s Lake – Uganda Safari

Kabaka’s Lake is reachable starting from Kampala city center via Ring road and Nabunya road then you get to Ndeeba where it is found. It is perfectly explored by travelers on Uganda safari while on Kampala city tour.

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Kabaka’s Lake

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