Hot Springs in Uganda

Hot springs in Uganda are by far a few unique natural wonders the pearl of Africa has to offer the world but very few people have discovered their hidden secrets. If you are searching for a place of ‘healing’ then a visit to Uganda’s magical hot springs on an Uganda safari is worth it.

They are some of the unusual tourist attractions Uganda is endowed with in addition to the rare mountain gorillas, big African game (lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, and elephants), birdlife, waterfalls, and scenic mountains.

Hot springs are formed when magma (hot molten rock under the earth’s crust) heats up as a result of volcanic activity. The water beneath flows through fissures and the more the rocks are heated the more the water gets heated too and when it comes to the surface, it can still be hot or warm.

Most of them can be spotted bubbling and to most locals, hot springs are highly valued for their believed healing and spiritual powers. If considering a trip to Uganda, the outstanding hot springs should be a must-do.

Different people pay a visit to these natural wonders for different reasons, one of which is seeking healing. Incredibly, some hot springs in Uganda are capable of boiling an egg in just 10 minutes (they can heat up to 120 degrees Celsius) thus offering visitors on an Uganda safari a bit of practical and memorable experience.

A visit to any of the hot springs in Uganda lets you discover how Uganda the ‘pearl of Africa’ is gifted by nature! There are numerous most powerful hot springs in Uganda to visit and interestingly, they are distributed in various parts of the country. Some of the magical hot springs in Uganda to explore include;

Sempaya hot springs

Hot Springs in Uganda

Sempaya hot springs

The Sempaya hot springs are a few magical hot springs in Uganda tourists on Uganda safari tour should consider a must-visit. They are situated within the scenic Semuliki River Valley-Semuliki National Park, Western Uganda. The Sempaya hot springs consist of females and males.

They are credited for their uniqueness which makes them Semuliki’s most popular attractions. The female hot springs can boil up to 103 degrees Celsius with a spurt shelling of about 2 meters above the ground. The male spring is distant from the female and en-route, visitors have an opportunity to spot out a variety of primate species including the grey-cheeked mangabeys, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys.

You can also take 30 minutes to walk through the palm forest from the main route which leads you into the inner female hot springs where you will prove what others have always testified about the powerfulness of these hot springs.

On Uganda safari to Sempaya hot springs, don’t forget to come along with an egg or banana for a bit of practical experience. You can also incorporate your magical experience from the hot springs with cultural encounters in the Batwa community where you will have an in-depth exploration of the unique cultures, traditions, and general lifestyle of the Batwa.

Most people who pay a visit to Sempaya hot springs come for healing reasons as the water from these hot springs is believed to cure some diseases like ringworm. Females, on the other hand, visit the female hot springs with the hope to cure infertility and other problems.

These hot springs can be explored by visitors on Uganda safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Semuliki National Park, or Kibale Forest National Park.

  • Kitagata hot springs

Kitagata hot springs are some of the most exceptional hot springs in Uganda. These iconic tourist sites are found about one kilometer from Kitagata Trading Centre just after Ishaka Town, Western Uganda. These hot springs hold a unique history of Ankole people.

History has it that the King of Ankole used one of these hot springs and locally, they are called Ekyomugabe. Kitagata hot springs are equally credited for their magical healing power.

Located on either side of the road, they can be best explored on the safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, or Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kitagata hot springs (also popular as the Mulago hot springs) can boil up to 80 degrees centigrade and they were originally discovered in 1904.

  • Rwagimba hot springs

These hot springs are situated in Kibiito Sub-county, Kabarole district just along River Rwimi which also serves as the border area between Kasese and Kabarole district.

History has it that Rwagimba Sulphur hot springs were only used by the King of Toro and his chiefs. Locals also respect these natural wonders because they believe they cure their pain and that of their animals.

For any need to get relieved from any pain, a visit to Rwagimba hot springs should be a must-do on Uganda safari. A hike to these hot springs also rewards visitors with a breathtaking view of the springs and surrounding areas.

For visitors on Uganda safari to Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee tracking, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking or hiking adventure to the Rwenzori Mountains, a visit to Rwagimba hot springs should be a must this coming holiday and you won’t regret.

Amoropii hot springs

Amoropii hot springs derive their name from the local Alur dialect which denotes hot water. These stunning natural wonders are in Northern Uganda, about 2-3 km away from Panyimur Fishing Village, Nebbi district just along the Western shores of Lake Albert.

These are some of the best hot springs in Uganda worth exploring on Uganda safari. They are credited for their divine power and locals do confine here to worship. Amoropii hot springs are believed to host the god of Amoropii and local residents around, do perform sacrifices daily as a way to appease the god of Amoropii.

When visiting Amoropii hot springs on Uganda safari, you have to first seek permission from the Prime Minister ‘Nyipir Onen’. It is believed that, once the Prime Minister lets or blesses you is when you get healed, however, failure to do so, what you seek for won’t be realized even when you dip yourself into the hot springs.

These hot springs are valued given their medicinal importance. The water from these hot springs contains minerals such as lithium Sulphate, calcium phosphate, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, and many more.

You can spice up your experience in Amoropii hot springs with a visit to Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park. Incorporating your safari with a visit to Murchison Falls National Park lets you explore its diverse wildlife species including African lions, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, over 451 bird species, warthogs, chimpanzees in Budongo Forest to mention but a few.

Hot Springs in Uganda

Amoropii hot springs

  • Buranga hot springs

Buranga hot springs are some of the unique hot springs in Uganda and East Africa at large. These natural jewels are within Mount Rwenzori just on the bottom of the Bwamba Escarpment, about 375kms drive via Kampala-Fort Portal and 450kms drive via Mbarara-Queen Elizabeth National Park.

They are among the thirty-seven scenic hot springs that derive their geothermal heat from the deep faults of East African Rift Valley and it is comprised of 3 hot springs all spread at the base of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges. These hot springs can best be visited on Uganda safari in Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The 3 hot springs lie between 600 and 700 meters and they include Kagoro springs, Nyansimbe hot springs, and Mumbuga hot springs. They make up their own small ecosystem with beautiful forests and swamps which also host a number of bird species and wildlife.

Nyansimbe hot spring is best to visit during the dry season and it boils about 86 degrees Celsius. Kagoro hot spring sits in an area of 50×15 meters and has a temperature range of about 60 to 91 degrees Celsius. Mumbuga hot springs sprawl in an area of about 60×40 meters and boils about 98.4 degrees Celsius.

  • Kibiro hot springs

If you are heading to Hoima, Kibiro hot springs are such magical tourist sites that you need not miss to visit on Uganda safari. These hot springs are a one-hour’ drive from Hoima Town. They are found within Kibiro-a small fishing village in the Western Rift Valley of Uganda, Kigorobya Sub-county is close to the shores of Lake Albert. Kibiro hot springs boil up to 100 degrees and within a short time, if you boiled an egg or banana, it can be ready for eating.

These hot springs feature minerals of medicinal importance including among other calcium sulfates, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride. The salty water from Kibiro hot springs is used for the traditional processing of salt. It flows over the salty soil in this area.

The water from these hot springs is also used for healing purposes given its healing power on various illnesses including skin rush, fresh wounds, boils, scabies, measles. These hot springs are best visited on Uganda safari to Murchison Falls National Park.

  • Ihimba hot springs

Ihimba hot springs are found in Western Uganda on Kabale-Katuna road, South of Kabale Town. They are credited for their healing power with most people confining in this area to get relieved from backache, rheumatism, and many others.

The water from these hot springs contains minerals and chemicals including calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and many more that are of medicinal importance. On Uganda safari to Ihimba hot springs, not only do you get pain cure but also the opportunity to interact with the Bahima people on cultural encounters where you will have an in-depth exploration of their rare history, beliefs, and cultures.

Kanangorok hot springs

Planning to visit Northeastern Uganda soon? Kanangorok hot springs are some of the unique tourist attractions visitors on Uganda safari in Kidepo Valley National Park should consider a must-visit. These hot springs are situated in Northeastern Uganda, about 600kms from Kampala’s capital city and they lie about 11kms over the scenic Kidepo River.

They are reachable within an hour and a half, North of Apoka, and en-route, you have a chance to spot out other wildlife species and birds which make Kidepo Valley National Park a premier safari destination. Kanangorok hot springs can boil up to 50 degrees Celsius. Most people who visit these hot springs come mainly to look for blessings, healing, bathing, or offer sacrifices.
On a

Uganda safari, you can combine your visit to Kanangorok hot springs with game drives, bird watching, nature walks, hiking, a cultural safari in Kidepo Valley National Park.

In conclusion, hot springs in Uganda are some of the most iconic tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss to explore on Uganda safari. These unique natural endowments can be best explored in Uganda by incorporating your safari with other safaris including gorilla trekking adventures, wildlife safaris, bird watching, chimpanzee tracking, golden monkey tracking tours to mention but a few.

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