Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

For those who are interested in extra experiences compared to that acquired during the game drive, a hot air balloon safaris in Uganda will leave you with a thousand memories of a safari to Uganda. Exploring wildlife, beautiful scenery which is spectacular from the above and the fresh air blowing is very sensational.

A hot air balloon is lighter than aircraft consisting of a bag called an envelope which contains heated air with a wicker basket which carries passengers.

Uganda hot air safaris are only done in two National parks and are Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison falls national park. This safari will allow you to experience the natural wilderness in a special way.

Catching the sunrise as you fly high and above of the plains with great views of landscape features such as lakes such as Edward, George, great lift valley, escarpments, the Kazinga channel, mighty Rwenzori mountains as well as wildlife such as lions, herds of African elephants and buffalos, antelopes, chimpanzees, gorillas among others.

It’s always a journey of discovery from the flight where also the participants are awarded certificates to show that you took part in this activity. The hot air balloon safari is really nice as passengers will have great photo opportunities from this kind of trip.

Balloon safaris in Uganda were recent as tourist activity by the Uganda wild Authority and are today becoming popular because of their best experiences.

They are handled by the Dream Balloons who were registered and certified fully in 2011 by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority. For those who want extra experiences contact us for early bookings of the air balloon safaris in Uganda.

The size and restrictions.

The age limit for a Hot safari balloon in Uganda is a minimum of 6years considering that the flight takes you to a height of 10,000 feet above sea level.

The size of the balloon doesn’t matter mainly because the more air it is filled with, the more the weight it carries, however, the balloon is restricted to only 8 passengers.

On a trip to Murchison falls National park and Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, Hot Air ballooning is one of the activities you should not miss out on.

Murchison falls national park being the largest protected area that harbors so much to explore when it comes to nature, the great diversity of wildlife, the wonderful 43m tall waterfall, and the famous river Nile.

You are taken to the launching site near Parra safari lodge at around 5:00 am. You will be given a briefing on the safety precautions, rules, and regulations as you will be able to hop aboard.

The pilot will launch for the set-off and the blowing wind will help the balloon to rise to several feet giving you an aerial view of the savannah, and all kinds of wildlife including those that crowd the river banks.

The tour usually lasts for 1hour and after everyone is given a certificate showing that you participated in the activity.

  • Hot air ballooning experience in Queen Elizabeth national park.

The park is located in the southwest of Uganda. The hot air balloon safari starts in the morning with a magnificent view of sunrise from the east. Flying in African untamed wilderness to the ends of Ishaha plains and the flight lasts for about 1hour.

Hot Air Ballooning is the kind of activity perfect for those on honeymoon, adrenaline junkies, and those seeking for a once in a lifetime adventure. Book with us as early as possible for the best memorable adventure to Uganda.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

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