Gorilla Permits Booking Process in Uganda

How do the travelers find this booking of Gorilla permits process? Several travelers intending to trek gorillas have found this process tiring and they have opted for the quicker less tiring option of reserving their trekking permits through a local Uganda safari tour operator.

These tour operators normally add an extra fee of $60 to $100 for each permit. These gorilla tour companies won’t charge you for purchasing a gorilla permit in case you’re going to use their other tour services such as transfers.

However, if you simply want only a gorilla permit from them then they put an extra charge of up to $100 per gorilla permit they book since they have to make calls pick permits, deliver to you, and other administrative costs

Gorilla Permits Booking Process in Uganda

The process is more like the above, although the tour agencies normally speed up the reservation so you will be able to confirm your gorilla permit faster;

  • You inform them of the dates for your tour to Uganda and specify the date of trekking the gorillas
  • They will inform you if your preferred dates are available for trekking and also temporarily book them
  • They will send you our bank account details so that you can transfer the money for the gorilla permits or even pay by credit card
  • They will send you an acknowledgment email for the money transfer. Please remember to instruct your bank to deduct the bank charges for the transactions from your account. They don’t ask for extra money for the gorilla permit if you’re reserving the rest of your tour through them. Any additional costs will be for services like telephony and transport that will be incurred when acquiring the permit
  • You will send a copy of your passport availing the details which be used to register for your permit. Normally they need just your full names, nationality, and the passport number
  • Your names will be registered and then we acquire the gorilla permit. On receiving the payment, they will buy the gorilla permits but then having this permit doesn’t 100% guarantee you seeing the gorillas although chances of seeing them are about 98%
Gorilla Permits Booking Process in Uganda

Gorilla Permits Booking Process in Uganda

What to wear?

Choosing the right clothing

Gorilla trekking Tour guide, good quality walking boots if trying any hikes or even climbs, warm layers of clothes for the cold evenings, and clothing for wet weather. Remember it becomes cold and wet at this high altitude.

A lightweight jacket is a must. Gloves, long-sleeved shirts, trousers, knee-high hiking gaiters are important. You need to find the best hiking boots for gorilla trekking

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