Discover Different Fruits in Uganda­ – A Tropical African Fruit Basket

Discover the different fruits in Uganda the Pearl of Africa a tropical African fruit basket to have a great adventure of a lifetime in the jungles.

Uganda is indeed the best tropical fruit lover destination in Africa with over 50 varieties of fruits. Uganda is gifted with daily sun and fertile volcanic soils which give fruits a richer and fuller taste.

Fruits in Uganda are eaten when they are still fresh. Some of these fruits include pineapples, mangoes, apples, watermelons, passion fruits, jackfruits, pawpaw, citrus fruits, bananas, oranges, lemons, and others.

On any safari to the pearl of Africa (discover Uganda) and taste the juicy fresh fruits, you will surely believe that Uganda has the best fruits compared to other countries from all over the globe.

The fact that fruits in Uganda are plentiful, wherever you go you will find different fruits lined on the roadsides.

Very friendly and very hospitable vendors with bicycles, wheelbarrows, women carrying baskets full of different fruits dominate everywhere you go.

Ugandan local and urban markets, supermarkets are all fruit-filled. you will be surprised by the beauty of fresh fruits on the display.

In some parts of the country mainly local areas, you will find children eating fruits straight from the garden when they are fresh.

Markets such as Nakawa, Kalerwe, Kireka, Banda, Nakasero, Mbarara central market among very many others all claim plenty of fresh Ugandan fruits.

Here is a detailed list of Fruits that you will not avoid seeing on any trip to the pearl of Africa.

Some of the Fruits in Uganda

  • Pineapples.

Pineapple is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit and locally known as “Enanansi”. Uganda is said to have the best, juicy, sweeter pineapple with lower acids. In other words, the best pineapple in the world is a Ugandan one.

Ugandan pineapple is so good and can be eaten at any time of the day. Uganda does not have a specific season for pineapples so they can be found everywhere at any time a consumer wants.

Discover Different Fruits in Uganda

Pineapples in Uganda

  • Mangoes.

In Uganda, fresh huge mangoes are everywhere you go and the commonest fruits across the country. Many people like eating Ugandan mangoes when they are green and others eat when they are ripe. Mango trees in Uganda are everywhere especially in the villages where every household at least owns a mango tree.

During mango season, you will see children hanging in mango trees picking and eating when they are fresh. Mango fruits in Uganda are found in supermarkets, local markets, and mango stores

Uganda, you will not miss tasting juice, ice cream, salads, and pancakes made from mangoes besides eating them.

  • Passion fruits.

Passion fruits in Uganda are found all over the country but most especially they grow well in higher altitude areas such as in the Kasese districts on the slopes of mountain Rwenzori and Masaka district central Uganda.

Excellent passion fruit juice is served in most Ugandan hotels, restaurants, and shops. Never hesitate to ask for passion fruit juice on any trip to Uganda.

  • Jackfruit

After tasting Ugandan jackfruit, you will truly believe that Uganda is a paradise of fruits. Jackfruits happen to be the largest fruits in Uganda.

Very many households own jackfruit trees in the compounds and gardens. A big jackfruit when ready is cut into smaller portions for easy sharing among the people.

Ugandan jackfruits bring people together because it is mainly enjoyed in groups. Never fail to ask your driver or the guide to help you get a jackfruit.

Jackfruits are also found on the roadsides, supermarkets and local markets paraded for buyers. Vendors moving up and down in the cities and urban centers are spotted carrying fresh jackfruits and feel free to buy and eat.

This is a red sweet flavored juicy fruit when ready. Watermelons are found everywhere all year round. Lots of watermelons flood most markets mainly in the capital city and other developing towns.

You’re given an opportunity to taste before you buy in order for you to choose a nice one. Watermelon fruits in Uganda are mainly cut into small pieces and mixed with other fruits to make an excellent juice.

  • Bananas.

Uganda is known as the number one producer and consumer of bananas and it is known as Africa’s banana republic. Banana happens to be a staple food for most Ugandans and locally it is called Matooke.

A small species of Matooke known as Ndiizi is best eaten when ripe and it happens to be one of the sweetest fruits you wouldn’t have to miss tasting on any trip to Uganda.

Ripe yellow bananas are found everywhere you go across the country and can be eaten at any time.

You will not miss seeing and taste the pancakes baked from yellow bananas. Gonja as another species of bananas is roasted and sometimes cooked with peelings and they also taste very nice.

Fruits in Uganda

Banana in Uganda

  • Papaya

On any trip to the pearl of Africa, never you miss tasting the delicious papaya. They have a green coat when they are still raw and turn yellow when ripe with an orange soft inside. Papayas are very appetizing and tasty mainly when served as breakfast and desserts.

  • Avocados

Due to favorable climate and fertile soils, farmers in Uganda have devoted much to growing avocados.

Every Ugandan market has avocados in it and it is eaten fresh after cut into pieces and supplements the diet of many Ugandans in restaurants, hotels, and lodges.

They remain green even when they are ready for consumption and by mere pressing it you will tell that it is ready.

  • Citrus fruits

Oranges, lemon, and tangerine are also Uganda’s most enjoyed fruits. You will find oranges and lemons in all supermarkets and local markets all year around.

You will not miss tasting the juicy and sweet oranges when ready. Good tasty orange juice mainly mixed with passion fruits is one you will not miss tasting on any trip to Uganda. Lemon juice is also readily available.

There are much more fruits in Uganda such as guava, apples, and many more. Taste Ugandan fruits, taste the best African fruits.