With coronavirus still ravaging the world, there is still a need for all travelers to exercise a high level of cautiousness. In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, several measures or Standard Operating Procedures were designed to guide and assist reduce its widespread, and Kenya like the rest of the world, there are several SOPs in place that all travelers visiting Kenya safaris must respect;

COVID 19 SOPS for Kenya

  1. All arriving passengers into Kenya via its entry points must present a covid-19 vaccination certificate. But, here are the exempted groups: visitors with medical conditions precluding vaccination – persons under this category should have a letter from a recognized medical practitioner providing medical details.

Recovered guests from active covid-19 infections/received convalescent plasma within 90 days. This category will require a letter from a recognized medical practitioner indicating that he or she recovered in the defined period.

Kenyans returning but unvaccinated face difficulty accessing the vaccines in their country of residence. This category must be ready for vaccination as soon as they arrive in the country.

  1. Fully vaccinated travelers arriving in Kenya are exempted from the PCR test requirement.
  2. Wearing facemasks is no longer mandatory in public spaces in Kenya except for indoor functions. Also, all quarantine measures for confirmed coronavirus cases have been halted.
  3. All guests above 18 years and traveling for Kenya safaris must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. But, for the vaccinated travelers, you don’t need to take a PCR test before visiting Kenya.
  4. All eligible unvaccinated Kenya safari travelers must have a valid coronavirus negative PCR test certificate taken within 72 hours before departure to Kenya and this is regardless of the entry point.
  5. Arriving passengers who haven’t received a vaccine entering Kenya at any point on an entry will be subjected to a rapid antigen test at their cost. The rapid antigen tests are conducted at USD30 and 50 USD for persons who test positive for COVID-19.
  6. Arriving passengers below 5 years are exempted from COVID-19 testing.
  7. Also, the other exempted category from coronavirus tests includes the operating crew when on a layover between flights. But, they must observe covid-19 protocols from the airport to the place of residence and then back to the airport.
  8. All travelers must upload their vaccination certificates and negative PCR test result to the Global Haven website- before arriving in Kenya.
  9. The passenger locator form must be completed and uploaded – visit You will be sent a QR code via email after you have submitted the digital locator form.
  10. Pre-departure testing may be considered depending on the airline departing from Kenya.
  11. Guests traveling out of Kenya also need a coronavirus certificate.
  12. No paper verification of coronavirus results and vaccination certificates on arrival in Kenya. You can upload them before boarding your aircraft through to generate QR codes.
  13. Kenya entry visas – electronic visas which should be obtained in advance via the e-visas website – visit
  14. Regular hand sanitizing is recommended while traveling in Kenya.